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The Teacher Education Programs at Five Towns College are CAEP/NCATE Accredited.


2010-2011 NYSTCE Pass-Rates:


*100% LAST


*91% CST - Multi-Subject


*94% ATS - W

The undergraduate program in Childhood Education leads to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and is designed for students planning careers as teachers in public or private elementary schools. The program offers a choice of Enhancement Core Courses in Music or Theatre Arts. The program fulfills the New York State Education Department requirements for the Initial Certificate in Childhood Education.

The program leads to New York State Initial Certification after a student teaching experience in both upper and lower grade levels in a cooperating public school district under the supervision of the Chair of Childhood Education.


B.S. Childhood Education


The undergraduate program in Childhood Education leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) is designed for candidates planning to pursue careers as teachers in public New York State Education Department requirements for the includes field experiences, observations, and a student teaching experience in both the upper (4-6) and lower (1-3) elementary grade levels in a cooperating public school district under the supervision of the Education Division Chair. The courses in the Pedagogical Core designed for this program incorporate the learning standards embodied in the regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The Content Core in Literature includes both intermediate and advanced level courses in the discipline. Literature has been selected for a major concentration in order to prepare graduates with a broad, humanistic appreciation of the world, and its diversity, peoples and cultures. The Liberal Arts courses in the General Education Core have been selected to broaden and elevate candidate awareness, cultivate the intellect and stimulate the imagination. These courses are designed to develop skills that will provide excellent preparation for a teaching career. Liberal arts courses that draw candidates into important new academic and intellectual areas and increase awareness of differing cultural heritages are a major component of the program. The choice of electives presents the prospective teacher with the opportunity to select courses in an area of personal interest. The expertise developed in these elective areas may be used to enhance all other subject areas of the elementary school curriculum.


Consumer Information


Assumptions Underlying the Data Presented in This Table:

  1. The Student is a first-time entering college student

  2. The student is enrolled full-time at the college.

  3. The student is continually enrolled at the college.

  4. The student is not employed full-time or substantially part-time.

  5. The student passes all required courses.

  6. The student registers for all courses in the recommended sequence.

  7. The student satisfies all graduation criteria in a timely manner.

  8. The student has no circumstances that adversely affect her/his academic progress.

  9. One or more courses completed during a summer session are counted as a semester

  10. Expected Room and Board charges assume a stay of no more than 2 years recommended for the Residence Halls.

  11. Expected Tuition and Fee charges are based on completion of the degree program in the catalog’s posted number of semesters.

  12. Expected Book and Supply charges are based upon retail prices and do not include possible shipping and handling charges.

  13. Placement Rates are based upon the 2011 graduates in the year of their graduation.  Placement rates by degree program are undergoing further analysis.


Degree Program: B.S. Childhood Education

CIP Code: 13.1202


HEGIS Code: 0802



Type of Consumer Information

The College Data


Graduates for the Following Years:



Total Number of Graduates:



Number of Credits Required To Complete Program:



Expected Number of Semesters To Complete Program:



Expected Number of Years To Complete Program:



Median Actual Number of Semesters to Complete Program:



Median Actual Number of Years to Complete Program:



Percentage of On-Time Completers:



Expected Tuition and Fee Charges:



Median Actual Tuition and Fee Charges:



Expected Book and Supply Charges:



Typical Book and Supply Costs:



Expected Room and Board Charges:



Median Actual Room and Board Charges:



Median Actual Federal Loan Debt of Graduates:



Median Actual Private Loan Debt of Graduates:



Job Placement of Graduates



SOC Codes Possibly Appropriate for Graduates:



25-2010 Preschool and Kindergarten



25-2011 Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education



25-2012 Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education



25-2020 Elementary and Middle School Teachers



25-2021 Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education



25-2022 Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education



25-2023 Career/Technical Education Teachers, Middle School



25-3099 Teachers and Instructors, All Other



25-9040 Teacher Assistants



25-9041 Teacher Assistants



*Expected” refers to the posted catalog or website charges for a student following the expected sequence of courses and expected number of semesters to complete the degree program.
** The "Median" is the midpoint when the data are ranked from the lowest number of years or dollar to the highest number of years or dollars.
*** This program does not meet the minimum number of recent graduates required by the U.S. Department of Education for reporting actual data.