Audio Recording Technology

The Audio Recording Technology concentration at Five Towns College is designed to provide students with the tools needed to succeed as professional engineers and producers of all styles of music, including sound tracks in film and video productions.  Students study the theory of sound, recording, engineering procedures, music production techniques and audio/video post-production in a sequence of courses designed to develop practical and technical skills. The college’s four (4) state-of-the-art recording studios provide students with a highly focused learning environment for both assigned and extra-curricular recording projects.


Audio Recording Facilities


1. Studio A


Studio A is a professional audio recording and mixing facility. Students learn advanced recording and mixing procedures using the SSL9000J 72-channel console. The studio is equipped with a Pro Tools HDX recording system and a Studer A827 analog 24-track tape machine. Manley, Empirical Labs, dbx, UREI, Lexicon, Eventide & Tube-Tech are some of the outboard pieces of equipment students can find within Studio A. This studio is also equipped with a 5.1 multi-channel monitoring system.


2. Studio B
Studio B is equipped with Pro Tools HDX system & an Otari MTR-90 24-track tape machine. Beginner students learn multi-tracking techniques as well as signal flow & troubleshooting by participating in extensive recording and mixing projects.


3. Studio C
Studio C features a Neve Genesys console using Pro Tools HDX system. Studio C has a variety of outboard equipment from such companies as Amek, Summit, Avalon and Focusrite to name a few. Audio/Video students can digitally edit stereo and 5.1 multi-channel recordings and soundtracks. This studio is utilized for Foley and ADR tracking.

4. MIDI/Non Linear Lab


Students work at their own workstations that are equipped with KORG M3 Keyboards and iMacs. Each computer is loaded with the latest versions of Digital Performer, Reason, Sibelius, Logic, McDSP, Waves, Superior Drummer, Auto-Tune, Melodyne, AVOX and Pro Tools. Students learn how to use software for composing, sampling and notation. All workstations are connected to the FTC LAN and have access to the Internet. Students can sign out college microphones & audio equipment for use in audio projects. The following are available: Telefunken, AKG, Blue, Sennheiser, Neumann, Earthworks, Royer, API, GML, Apogee, Sony, Culture Vulture, Grace, Audio-Technica, Shure and Beyer Dynamic.


All students are required to complete two internships at least 90 hours each in audio recording. Students participate in seminars, maintain a journal and submit reports concerning their work experience. These on-the-job training opportunities provide a basis for networking and work experiences with professional business and entertainment organizations.


The College’s Career Services Office provides students with information about job opportunities and helps them acquire the skills needed for searching for jobs, preparing resumes, writing cover letters and interviewing. Some of the internships have been with SONY, MTV, KORG, Universal Music Group, HBO, and various radio, television, film and music businesses throughout the metropolitan area.


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