The undergraduate program in Childhood Education is designed for you to pursue a career as a teacher in public or private elementary schools, grades 1-6.  This program fulfills the New York State Education Department’s requirements for initial certification in Childhood Education. The degree awarded will be the Bachelor of Science in Education. (B.S. )


The courses in the Pedagogical Core of the program incorporate the common core state standards and the student learning standards embodied in the regulations of the N.Y.S .Commissioner of Education. The program is field-experience based and provides you with a full range of opportunities for observations and practical applications in the classroom.


The Content Core includes literature courses to prepare you with broad, humanistic appreciation of the world, its’ diversity, people and cultures. The General Education Core includes courses in liberal arts to develop skills that provide excellent preparation for a teaching career, which foster a lifetime commitment to learning.


The Elective Core provides you with the opportunity to select course work in art, music, theatre or an elective sequence of courses which will be used to enhance other areas of the elementary school curriculum.


Candidate will be required to full fill required workshops needed for certification. In addition, student teaching is mandatory   for one full semester, prior to graduation.


Scholarships are available in Childhood Education.


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