Jazz/Commercial Music Degree Program

The Bachelor of Music (Mus.B.) Degree program in Jazz/Commercial Music offers concentrations in Music Education, Performance, Composition/Songwriting, Audio Recording Technology and Music Business. The program is designed for students planning to pursue careers as educators, professional performers, composers, recording engineers, music business executives or producers.


The comprehensive program in Jazz/Commercial Music provides both a common core of technical studies and a foundation for specialized courses in the student’s major area of concentration. Five Towns College was the first institution of higher education in New York State to offer a Jazz/Commercial Music Degree.




1. Music Education Program

The Music Education program is designed for students interested in a career as a teacher of music in a public or private school, grades (K-12). The program leads to New York State Certification and provides professional training and a student teaching experience in a public school district under the supervision of the Music Education Director.


2. Music Business

The Music Business concentration is designed for students interested in preparing for a career in a music-related business field. Studies include the technical, legal, production, managing, merchandising and licensing aspects of the music business. The concentration prepares those who plan to work as artist managers, record and publishing company owners, executives, promoters or producers of music videos to achieve their career goals.


3. Audio Recording Technology
The Audio Recording Technology concentration at Five Towns College is designed to provide students with the tools needed to succeed as professional engineers and producers of all styles of music including soundtracks in film and video productions. Students study the theory of sound, engineering procedures, music production techniques and audio/video  post-production.


4. Performance


The Performance concentration is designed for students planning to pursue careers as professional performers.  It  provides  a common core of technical studies and a foundation of specialized courses such as music history, harmony, counterpoint, improvisation, ensemble performance and private instruction.


5. Composition/Songwriting

The Composition/Songwriting concentration provides professional training for students who intend to pursue careers as composers, arrangers, and songwriters.  Students receive intensive instruction in a core of technical studies that include courses such as harmony, orchestration, counterpoint, MIDI, songwriting, keyboard techniques, form and analysis, commercial arranging and composition


6. Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre concentration is designed to provide an opportunity for students to develop a career in musical theatre. The course work ensures that  students  receive  a balanced education by requiring training in music, movement, acting, voice, general education and musical theatre production.


Jazz/Commercial Music Ensembles
  • Chorus
  • Jazz Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Swing Band
  • Vocal Jazz
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Advanced Guitar Ensemble
  • Men’s Barbershop
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Women’s Barbershop
  • Concert  Band
  • Wind Ensemble



Music Audition Requirements


The Audition is designed to determine an applicant’s music skills. At the audition, you will be tested in the areas of sight reading, aural skills, pitch identification, rhythmic reading and tonal memory. Students are required to perform two selections of contrasting styles. See the music auditions requirements on our website.


Music Scholarships

Full and partial scholarships are available to qualified individuals who demonstrate exceptional talent as shown in their audition.


Private Instruction

The Music program is designed for the training of professional musicians and music educators. Students studying at the College are required to take private instruction on a major instrument/voice with an artist faculty member.


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