Student Portal Handbook






Five Towns College’s computer system allows any enrolled student to access online a variety of information about her/his courses, attendance records, financial accounts, and other types of important school data.


Online access to a student’s school data is possible because of a “Student Portal,” which gives the student – and only the student – an online passageway to some of the most important computerized data stored on the College’s Student Information System (SIS).


To learn how to use this “Student Portal,” a student will need to follow the instructions provided in the Student Portal Handbook, which is attached to this page and downloadable. Instructional workshops on the Student Portal will also be conducted for students throughout the academic year. Any student desiring to use the Student Portal must have a username and password. Usernames and passwords are issued to new students by the IT Department.


Here are some examples of the types of information an enrolled student may access through the Student Portal:

  1. Semester Class Schedule
  2. Course Grades
  3. Attendance Records
  4. Degree Progress and GPA Data
  5. Bursar Account Information
  6. Ability To Make Online Payments to the Bursar
  7. Important College Forms
  8. Faculty Contact Information

The College strongly advises any student using the Student Portal to do the following:


  • *Not share one’s username and password with anyone.
  • *Ensure that there is a completed FERPA agreement on file in the Registrar’s Office.
  • *Update one’s anti-virus software every time one logs on to the Internet.
  • *Contact the Registrar’s Office in the event of data requiring explanation or change


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students encountering difficulties in accessing their Student Portal have two options for obtaining assistance:


Option #1:   Email with a specific description of the difficulty encountered.


Option #2:   Visit Room 307A in the Main Building and discuss the difficulty with someone in the IT Department.


Reminder: Students sending emails to must: (a) use their Five Towns email address and (b) must include their full name and college identification number in the email.