Financial Aid


Although Five Towns College is a modestly priced private institution, we recognize that college tuition may be expensive for some students. Five Towns College provides a full service Financial Aid Office to help students and their families. Approximately 80% of all FTC students receive some financial assistance. The Financial Aid Office administers several million dollars of student aid monies every year. FTC students are eligible to participate in all Title IV Student Financial Assistance programs, including Pell, FSEOG, FCWS, and the Direct Student Loan Program. New York State residents may also participate in the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Five Towns College also administers more than three million ($3,000,000) in private grants and scholarships to deserving students each year. For applications and the specific requirements for each financial aid program, students should contact the Five Towns College Financial Aid Office at (631) 656 - 2164 as early as possible or send an email stating their specific request(s) to




In order to receive your Financial Aid Award Letter in a timely fashion we recommend you file the FAFSA by April 30th or as soon as possible. If you (and parents of dependent student) already have PIN, you may skip to Step 3.


1. Apply for a PIN

(Personal Identification Number). Students, and parents of dependent students, will need to obtain their own PIN in order to complete the FAFSA.  Go to HTTP://WWW.PIN.ED.GOV


2. File for FAFSA (Federa; Application For Student Aid)
Go to this government website to file your FAFSA:   HTTP://WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV 
● Five Towns College Federal School Code: 012561
REMEMBER the FAFSA is FREE.  Make sure this is the web address you go to. If a site requests payment from you at the end of the FAFSA application completion, cancel it and check the website address. 


3. File for NYS TAP (If NY State Resident)
Go to this NY State website to apply for TAP Grant:   HTTP://WWW.HESC.COM
● Five Towns College New York State H.E.S.C. Codes are:

    • Undergraduate - 2075
  • Graduate - 5810

Send the Financial Aid Office any requests and/or award letter(s) you receive from NYS HESC.


4. Complete the Five Towns College Data Verification Statement:
The Financial Aid Office will send you the Data Verification Statement to complete upon receipt of your FAFSA.  You may also obtain a form directly from the Financial Aid Office.

  • A fully completed and signed form is required of all students wishing to attend Five Towns College and receive Financial Aid.


5.  Submit a copy of student's driver's license and Social Security card.

  • If required, the Financial Aid Office may request additional information.


6. If applicable, send a copy of 2012 award letter(s) for any non-taxable income for all permanent family members receiving benefits (TANF, Social Security, Free Reduced Lunch, WIC,etc) along with the FTC Data Verification Statement.


7. If you are selected for Verification, please see the Student Aid Report provided to you by the Federal Central Processing Service, you MUST complete Verification prior to aid being awarded.


  • The Financial Aid Office will send an instruction letter and the appropriate Verification Form to be completed and returned.
  • Students/families selected for Verification must request Tax Transcript Records directly from the IRS and provide them to the Financial Aid Office.
  • This step is imperative to awarding and processing any financial aid.



8. Upon receipt of your completed Data Verification Statement, the Financial Aid Office will begin awarding your aid. Awards may include:


    • Federal and State Grants
  • FTC Scholarships/Grants
  • Federal Direct Student Loans


If you will receive scholarships form another source not mentioned here, it is required that you inform the Financial Aid Office of the amount and the entity granting the award.


9.  An Award Letter Notification and cover letter will be mailed to the student upon completion of all paperwork and review of documentation.


10. The Award Letter Notification must be signed and returned to the Financial Aid Office in order for aid to disburse to student’s account.


Apply For Financial Aid




(Based upon Fall 2012 Semester Enrollment Data)


(Based on Fall 2012 Enrollment Data)



# of Students


% of Total
Enrolled Students

Enrolled Undergraduate Students



     All Grant/Scholarship Aid



     PELL Grants





# of Students


% of Total
First-time/Full-time Students

First Time/Full Time Undergraduate Students Only



     ALL Grants/Scholarships from all government
sources or from Five Towns College





          All Federal Grants



           PELL Grants



           Other Federal Grants



           State and Local Government Grants



           Five Towns College Grants/Scholarships



           Loans (Federal)



           Loans (Alternative/Private/Other)